Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Nerdy Hobbie... Yes, I'm a Nerd!

So, seeing as today was a little bit of a slow one, which are few and far between, I decided to try some new web design ideas. 

Disclaimer:  I understand some of the following may look "apple-esq,"  which I will not deny as I love the design of thier site.  I like to play around with those kinds of things to see if I can re-create the ideas and then manipulate them. 

So, obiously I start with a blank document. (Enjoying my free trial of Adobe Photoshop CS4... too bad it would cost an arm and a leg to own!)

Next, I work on what will be a header for my website.  I try to keep my layers organized, which I often lack on... but you know how that can be if you use Photoshop.

Then I begin work on the buttons (navigation) of my site.  I am sure you are seeing that "apple-esqness" about now!  I am a little ocd and want to make sure all the buttons are the same width which sometimes means adjustments to other parts of the design.  If I did my planning in advance I would say this wouldn't be an issue!

Ok, buttons done, for now.  May tweek them later

Now I move on to creating content boxes... (Also realized the title of my site was dumb.  So I changed it.)

Then I half forgot to take screen shots and half got lazy.  So, here is the finished layout. (The black side bars will not be part of the site.

Anyway, I am hoping to complete this at some point.  If you actually took the time to read this, thanks! :-)


  1. I like that you're a nerd... not so keen on your odd hatred for the Hab's and Alouettes